Introduction: Sensory Masks

Required Materials:

Poster Board


Paper-mache material

2 x Low flow pumps

5ft of 1/4 inch plastic tubing to fit on pumps

9v battery

Copper tape

Thin, flexible Plastic Sheet

Hot glue gun

Step 1: Draw Your Design!

Lay out your design on poster-board and cut out the shapes. We will use these poster-board mockups as a stencil for thicker cardboard later

Step 2: Cardboard Cuff

Use your poster-board stencil to then cut out the shoulder harness shape on your big piece of cardboard. This will provide the structure of the mask

Step 3: Make the Water Container

Using a hot-glue gun, seal two pieces of plastic material together to create the reservoir for our pumps and water.

Step 4: Paper Mache the Structure

Using Paper Mache, cover the entire harness and seal the water reservoir to the chest piece

Step 5: Build Soft Circuit Button

Using cardboard, construct a button. This is done by cutting a hole in each piece of cardboard and layering copper tape on each side. When users push the two sides of copper together, the circuit will be complete

Step 6: Coming Together

Connect the tubs to the pumps, and feed them out of the reservoir. After this attach the buttons to the front of the piece, so users are able to turn the pumps on and off

Step 7: Attach the Faceplate and Enjoy!

Attach the faceplate for the piece as well as make sure the plastic tubing is connected to the faceplate. After this hook up the 9v battery to your copper tape/pump connections to power the piece. Enjoy your blurred vision as water cascades down the faceplate as you move around.