Introduction: Separating Berries: Cinderella 2.0

Who doesn't love cranberries or all other kinds of those colorfull little thingies? Especially when they are fresh they are amazing in deserts and add just the right amount of complexity to your dish. Unfortunately they are rather expensive so buying them before they are trashed is reasonable. However manual separation is tedious and nobody likes it.

So here is my solution- just use water to seperate them!! It's not 100% but it will get you a long way! Here is how:

Step 1: Buy Berries Shortly Before They Are Wasted

This will save you money and is better for the environment.

Step 2: The Good, the Bad and the Disgusting...

Most of them will still be good. Separating manually however is definitly not fun.

Step 3: Fetch an Empty Glass Bowl

A glass bowl will help you see the whole idea, but honestly any bowl will do.

Step 4: Here Comes the Magic: Just Add Water

The water will separate the good and the bad stuff for you. You can sit back and maybe read Cinderella again :-D

Step 5: Use a Colander to Carefully Collect the Good Ones

Use a reasonable amount of berries for one process and don't stir too much- otherwise the separation is less efficient!

Step 6: Et Voilà, You Made It!

You should still check for wood pieces and berries that made it anyway.

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