Sephora Shopping Bag Costume

Introduction: Sephora Shopping Bag Costume

I've been making elaborate Halloween costumes for my kids for 15 years. This was the simplest, quickest and least expensive costume I've even made and even made two -- one for my daughter and one for her friend.

For one costume, you'll need three white poster boards (I used extra thick and they cost about $1.29 each), Black Duck Tape and Rope or Ribbon for the handle. I also bought stripped tissue paper on Amazon for $9.00 and black ribbon to create suspenders to hold the bag on.

Step 1: Assembly

I used two of the poster boards to create the front and back panels. With the third board, I cut it in half and then folded each half in half. This created a crease to look like an actual paper bag.

I then used clear packing tape and taped each piece together, creating a long string of four board. Using the black duck tape, I created stripes. For the first bag I did, I eyeballed the whole thing, but for the second, I made light pencil marks to act as a guide. The second came out better.

Once the stripes were down, I tapes the two ends tighter to create a cube, or bag. I used a hole punch to makes holes for the rope handle and then taped tissue paper along the top rim. I also taped in black 2 inch wide ribbon to act as suspenders. They were crossed in the back to stay on better.

For the word "Sephora" I simply printed it out on the computer using Ariel Narrow font in 137 pt. I did add a 12 pt space between each letter to spread it out just slightly.

Making two of these took less than an hour.

Step 2: Trick or Treat

The girls wore all black under their shopping bags and off they go to Trick or Treat!


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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    5 years ago

    That's great! Certainly a unique costume :)