Introduction: Sequin Shoe-Shoes

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Want something sparkly you can wear with trousers? Look no further!

These blue-green beauties are quick and easy to make, low budget and look fabulous - even if I do say so myself!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need:

Shoes! Preferably suede for the glue photographed here. If you're using a smooth surfaced shoe you will need to try another glue and rough the surface up accordingly.

Glue - it strikes again, my favourite fabric glue.

Scissors - sharp, strong scissors as they're going to cut through sequins.

Sequins - I love this colour of sequin, I got through about 7m of them, 6mm diameter.

Electric Tape - black, in this case.

Grosgain Ribbon - or a ribbon of your choice.

Step 2: Sticking Your Sequins in Place

Get your glue and apply a thin line of it along the lower part of the shoe where it attaches to the sole.

My sequins were strung, so I simply stuck one end of the sequin string to the shoe and followed the line of the sole around with the sequins.

Work in small sections. The glue dries fairly quickly and you don't want to rush. Once you've got a base layer on all the way around you'll need to cut the string of sequins. Normally this leaves you with a half sequin - if this fits in with your design, go with it. Otherwise make sure to remove it before letting the glue set.

I clinkered my sequins a little, so they over lap and cover the shoe completely. For a neat finish make sure each line of sequins follows the one before.

I also worked in semi 'circles' around the toe of the shoe, I believe it gives the most tidy finish.

Step 3: Laces - Make Your Own

Ever wanted that specific ribbon made into a shoe lace? Try this method.

Cut a small piece of electric tape - about 3cm long. Place it sticky side up on a clean surface.

Stick your ribbon at a 90 degree angle to the very end of the ribbon - leave most of the ribbon width unstuck.

Roll/fold the ribbon as tightly as possible, pressing it into the tape. Then start doing the same with the tape.

Make sure to roll tightly, as you'll need to thread the shoe lace through your eyelets.

Trim the end of the tape/lace to give it a straight finish.

Step 4: All Done!

Admire your shiny new shoes.

I did add some extra silver sequins using the same process, but I forgot to photograph them, oops!