Introduction: Seraph of the End, Owari No Seraph Lord Ferid Earrings

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Manga Mondays
Every Monday I'll release a new Diy inspired by a Manga or Anime for all who love manga, Cosplay and such. I will be doing my favorites and major productions that really aren't animes but
This Monday we will be doing Seraph of the End. I won't bother explaining it because if I did I'd go on a rant and just go nonstop about the anime so yeah. Today we'll be doing Lord Ferid Bathory inspired earrings. It is really simple and easy. I have a few different variations. But the third is so simple that it really isn't worth showing how to do it, as it is simple beaded earrings.

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Step 1: Variation One and Two

➖Materials ➖
Red beads
Gold chain
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Gold ear wires
Gold head pin
Flat nose Pliers

Bead on red bed on one head pin
Bend the end of the wire to a ninety degree angle
Trim it
Use needle nose pliers to turn the wire into a loop
Cut gold chain to desired length
Open a link with flat nose pliers
Close it around the loop you made
Open the link on the other end of the chain and connect it to gold ear wires

NOTE: you can use cutters to cut a slit in the chain to open it

Variation two
Variation two is simply using the skills we just used but not using chain, using silver findings and different beads.
I also used a jump ring which can also be used for the first one, I simply didn't use it because I felt it would look nicer with just chain.

Step 2: Variation Three

Flat nose pliers
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Gold chain
Gold head pins
Gold ear wires
Red nail polish
Clear nail polish
Pants or skirt Hanger
Beads that aren't red

This method is simply the exact same as the first, except using beads that aren't red, so I am using red nail polish to get the exact color I want.
The hanger is to clip around the head pin, because it is easier to put on the bead then paint it. Clipping it to the hanger makes it easier when painting and drying.

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