Introduction: Serge Paper Face System

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This is my serge Paper Face system. This is a simple overview of what it is and how it works. Over time and once I get better at this site, I will add the bill of material, other facts and resources to hacks and other goods on here. Stay tuned (5/11/17)


If you have any deeper questions feel free to pm me. :)

Step 1: Choose Modules

1) Mankato VCF:

2) Serge 73 VCF:

3) Sequential Switch:

4) VCA:

5) Burst Generator:

6) Psycho LFO:

7) Synthacon VCF:

Note: Once I get to know the site more, I will update more detail things like where to buy parts in bulk, spread sheets of bill of materials, and such. (5/11/17)

Step 2: Faceplate Decal


-Steel plate (dims soon)

-Banana Plugs. Red=Triggers/Blue= Bipolar signal::in/out::Logarithmic pattern::/Black=Audio input/output

-Newtype Magazine and other Manga goods and old Gundam Kits

I love the visual destruction of manga. When I have a more visual appealing faceplate to a synth, it creates a space that becomes a vessel to even more creativity. As much as I wanted to print out what input/output does, I kind of just threw that mentality out the door because I wanted this to have a feeling of true freedom. Not to say I don't have some that have labels, I just wanted to treat this more as a super custom system that is reflective of my style, my thinking and the fluidity of my creative process.

Once I laid out a collage I liked, I then did the arduous process of mounting all the banana plugs

Step 3: Mounting and Point to Point Soldering

The name says it all.

Once open my system this week, I will update more on the process for now:

I mounted my modules on these rails:

I then powered my system with this:

FOR SERGE'S WE ROLL WITH 12V ! ! ! make note of that

I then purchased machine screws and used 3 bolts. 1 to anchor the bolt to the board and 2 to mount the PCB. The Mankato, Burst Generator, and PLFO had odd sized PCB's so i had to get creative with my lay out. Again, once i take some better flicks you can visuals how i constructed a small city of PCB's.

Step 4: Patching and Testing

Once I got everything up and running, I built a Banana Plug to 1/8th inch converter. I then took my multi meter and Oscilloscope and fine tuned the circuits.