Bluetooth - Serial Port Redirection Using Matlab/simulink




Introduction: Bluetooth - Serial Port Redirection Using Matlab/simulink

Ooh ...!!
I have a project must done within 2 months ,
my project Requires the " HC-05 " Serial Bluetooth module , which i don't have , So I was thinking of using the built-in Bluetooth in my laptop.
so I tried many programs without any results.

finally: I succeeded by using the simulink.

to simplify this idea , I will explain it in a small example.

Step 1: Android Mobile With Arduino Example

Bluetooth-based Android Controller for Arduino ,


 *  Breadboard wiring and electronics skills.
 *  Arduno Uno.
 *  Laptop include Bluetooth or USB Bluetooth adapter  .
 *  Matlab program on PC.
 *  Android Bluetooth terminal like:
      - TerminalBT :

Step 2: Preparation of Simulink

Open MATLAB program and run the simulink.
- Make a new model
- select " Instrument Control Toolbox "  from Library  / Or search for "Serial"
- drag and drop the blocks: serial send and serial receive , like in the photo.
- Double click on the block to configure the source block parameters and select ports for Arduino and Bluetooth
- Save it

Step 3: Preparation the Arduino

This is a small code to test the example:_

int ledPin=13;
int value;

void setup ()



pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT); }

void loop ()

{ value =; if (value == '1') {digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH);}

else if (value == '0') {digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW);}



When you send number " 1 " from your serial terminal , the Pin 13 will be 1 (5V) so the LED will turns ON.
and when you send number " 0 " , the Pin 13 will be 0 (0V) so the LED will turns OFF.

Step 4: Test..!

Close all programs and disconnect the Arduino (to avoid some problems).

* Re connect the Arduino with PC and run MATLAB / simulink.

* Open the saved simulink file and press the play button.

Run Terminal App on a smart phone and connect it with PC Bluetooth.

send "1" and "0" to make sure that the connection works well


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    3 years ago

    plz upload the code of matlab to connect to bluettoth of arduino

    no use of phone....

    Thanks in advance...


    4 years ago

    superb dude....need help to communicate with HC05 by matlab


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks ,

    please can i do the same thing by using a ble (bluetooth low energy) : by developping a module in simulink to receive informations by ble from a beacon


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks Mr. bitar