Introduction: Serious Sewist Fabric Webcam Cover

To make a quick and simple webcam cover for your laptop computer you will need the following:

Tools: Scissors - don't use your good shears, needle, (longer and heavier is good)


Supplies: Chain Weight or Sausage beaded Lead Weight Cord (see, I told you, you don't want your good shears), thread, and a non-raveling fabric - I used fleece.

Remember: Chain Weight has got lead in it - so it's not something you want kids, dogs, cats etc., etc., to chew on.

Step 1: Cut Your Fabric

Guesstimate about how much fabric you will need. Remember to add seam allowances front and back. The cover is designed to hang over on the other side of the computer as well. It's a balance thing.

Step 2: Cut the Chain Weight

Cut the chain weight to size. Be careful to cut in-between the little beads so as not to damage the blade of your scissors. You need 4 pieces - two on each side.

Step 3: Sew the Chain Weight Into the Seams

No fancy stitching needed here. Unless you are just that person.

Step 4: Done

Finish both sides and drape over your webcam. Then go sew something else.