Introduction: Serv O'Beer With IPhone for the Perfect Pour

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With New Years fast approaching, I wanted to make a project that allows for the perfect pour and take out all of that physical work. Using Construx as the mechanical platform, a servo driving the action, and ioBridge controlling the system, I was able to achieve the perfect pour controlled with the turning of my iPhone (using the accelerometer feedback).

Step 1: Construct Contrux Platform

Using Construx, create a platform that will hold the weight of a bottle of beer (soda works, but does not have the same aftereffect).

Step 2: Enclose Servo

Enclose servo to keep the servo from turning as it torques the beer holder.

Step 3: Perform "Dry" Run

While near the kitchen sink perform a "dry" run with water (no beer was harmed during the testing) and find the pivot points.

Step 4: Connect and Calibrate Servos

Connect the servo to the ioBridge servo module. Calibrate using the module page to find the positions of the servo for the start of the pour and the end of the pour. You will have to readjust positions when the full weight of the bottle and beer are in the housing. Careful not to push the servo past its limits.

Step 5: Setup HTML and JavaScript

On an empty HTML file, copy the servo widgets into the file. Add the orientation code from ioBridge's iTurn library to allow the iPhone to cause the widgets to execute depending on the orientation of the iPhone. I trigger the widget at 15 degrees off vertical to start the servo pouring. I finish the pour at -90 degrees. If I turn the phone in the opposite direction the Serv O'Beer resets its position.

Step 6: Perform Calibration of Servo Positions and Speed

Under the full weight of a bottle of "water" (no beer wasting is my credo) recalibrate the positions and servo speed. Go ahead and do a test pour. I had some towels handy, because the first run threw water all over the desk.

Step 7: Pour Beer (It's Go Time)

It's time for the perfect pour. Load up a new bottle of beer (or another tasty beverage of your choosing). Make sure to enjoy the perfect pour with Serv O'Beer after turning your iPhone.