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Introduction: Server WarpCore

!! Please watch the videos, the images can't express its beautiy :) !!

This installation displays the current incoming internet traffic with fading led lights. The more traffic we have, the faster the LEDs are fading. 

First i used some bell wire to attach a multiple LEDs on it. I used 2 colors, blue and cyan. These wires are attached to some simple PCB with a couple of BC337-16 transistors. These transistors are connected to my arduino uno PWM outputs.

Our small servers is connected to that arduino uno - which runs firmata 2.3. On that server we used node.js and node-firmata to communicate with the arduino uno board. To retrieve the network traffic i used snmp-native as an nodejs library, which retrieves the current bandwidth (wan incoming).

These values are used to speed up or slow down the fading. for this, a normal Sinus-function is used.

Here's the core of our warpcore:

which uses also this library:

You can watch a video here:

and here:

The project is documented here in german:

But can be translated with google here:

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice dood
    really nice
    especially the smoothing function, it would be blinking otherwise


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It would be far better if you...
    • embedded the videos here.
    • added some documentation on the build here.