Introduction: Servo Metronome, Programmable for Different Speeds

Make your own metronome. All you need is the Arduino Mega 2560 starter kit and a compatible computer.

Step 1: Assembly

Assemble as shown in the photos. Plug male to male jumper wires to the slots of the servo wires of the corresponding color (the colors can be different when necessary). Plug the other end of the yellow wire into the slot labeled 9, the red wire into the slot labeled 5v, and the brown (or black, as is the case with mine) into the slot labeled ground. Use the usb cable included in the Arduino Mega 2560 starter kit to plug the mega component into your computer.

Step 2: Code

Use the servo motor file in the Arduino mega 2560 software. The only change you have to make to the code isj to change the angle the servo motor turns to 90 degrees.

Step 3: Customization

The easiest way to customize the metronome is to change the speed. The speed is in milliseconds, so it should say 1000 (1 second). I like the speed 250, or 1/4 second, but you can choose how you do it. I wouldn't advise having it go faster, though, because then it doesn't have enough time to turn a full 90 degrees. It doesn't even seem to make it turn a full 90 degrees on the speed 250. WARNING! DO NOT TURN THE SPEED LOWER THAN 50, OR THE SERVO MOTOR WILL OVERHEAT!

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