Introduction: Servo Modification to 360° Rotation and Geared Motor

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in this instructable i am going to show you how to modify 9g servo for 360 rotation.

this is very helpful if you are planing to make small rover with minimum use of gpio of microcontroller. also if you have some damaged servo you can convert those servo into small geared motor in place of n20 motors.

Step 1:

first of all open the servo and remove the main shaft gear.we will modify this gear.

Step 2:

now cut the limiter so that it can freely connect a servo tester and select central point and put the gear on its place adjust the neutral position.then cut the shaft so that it is detached from the potentiometer.

Step 3:

install everything as it was. connect servo tester and now our 360 rotation servo is ready....

Step 4:

if you have any damaged servo then you can convert those servo into small geared motor.for that repeat same process except neutral point adjustment.then remove circuit board from motor.put motor back to that case solder wires and our small geared motor is ready..


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