Servo Mount

Introduction: Servo Mount

When having to place servo's in your rc plane/boat/vehicle or robotics project, often we're missing a mount.

And since we don't want to end up cutting servo holes in our frame, but rather add the servo to the frame via a mount, I have created a servo mount for both the 40mm x 20mm standard servo and the smaller 12mm x 23mm servo.


  • 3mm wood or plastic
  • laser cutter
  • CA glue ( medium thickness )
  • sanding paper / wood file

Step 1: Cut Out the Material

I have used a laser cutter to cut out my material ( 3 mm MDF plate ).

When using the svg file you get material for:

  • 8 pieces 40mm x 20mm size servo mounts
  • 8 pieces 23mm x 12mm size servo mounts

The sheet I based the design on: 600mm x 300mm, 3mm MDF.

Step 2: Fit Your Servo

Since the cutting is done quite exactly with a laser cutter, you will probably need to sand the tray to make the servo fit.

Step 3: Glue Together

Now that the servo can fit, we remove it and we glue the parts together. I use CA glue for this.

Simply add CA glue to the joints and then push it back together.

I put a syringe needle on my bottle of CA glue for more precise working.

Once the glue has cured, you can add some extra CA glue in the corners.

Step 4: Add Your Servo

Now simply add your servo and you're done.

You can now also cut off the pieces of wood that are sticking out. I designed it with some extra material sticking out, since cutting off the extra material is easier then adding material afterwards ;)

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    3 years ago

    Clever design for a common part!