Introduction: Sesame Street Memorial Decoration

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I wanted to create something nice to place on my son's grave this year for what would have been his 3rd birthday. I decided to create a sesame street themed wooden hanging sign and sign post that I would be able to change and add new flowers too on each visit. This project took about 6 hours to complete but mainly because of the type of paint that was used. Construction time before painting took about 1.5 hours.

Material needed for this project:

1. 1/2 in plywood

2. 2 Pickets , A small length of decking board for the base.

3. 2 "S" Hooks, 2 "Eye" Hooks, 2 Hinged Clasps.

4. 1 Plastic Flower Pot

5. 120, 150, grit sand paper.

6. Hunter Green Exterior Paint

7. Curb Side Yellow Exterior Paint

8. Letter Stencils

9. Acrylic White Paint

10. Spray can of Clear Gloss Paint

11. one 1/2 in wood screw and metal washer to secure the flower pot to the base.

Tools needed for this project:

1. Multi Speed Jig Saw

2. Air Compressor and Brad Finish Nailing Gun with 1.5 in brad nails.

3. Painter's Tape

4. One 2.5 in paint brush

5. One square tip modeling paint brush for trim and letter work.

6. One cordless drill.

Step 1.

Find a picture of the sign that you want to make online and print it out.

Step 2.

Cut out the basic outline of the sign and transfer it over to the 1/2 in plywood and draw the pattern onto the wood.

Step 3

Cut out your basic sign shape . Using the multi speed jig saw.

Step 4

Sand your sign and get it ready for paint.

Step 5

Take you 2 Pickets and mark an intersection on them, where they will be joining together.

Step 6

Cut out 1/2 of the thickness in each intersection, so that they will lock together at the point and using the air gun. Shoot a few brad nails in the joint to hold them together.

Step 7

Mount the bottom of your pole side of the pickets to the wooden base with more brad nails.

Step 8

Paint your project in a fashion that suits your needs. Once the project is dry. Add your flower pot to the base, using the wood screw and washer, placed in the inside bottom of the flower pot and secure it to the base.

Step 9

Screw your "Eye" Hooks into the side of your sign and attach your hinged clasps to the bottom side of your sign pole. (MAKE SURE THAT THE "EYE" HOOKS AND HINGED CLASPS LINE UP AT THE SAME DISTANCE APART.)

Step 10

Add your "S" Hooked as connectors from your sign too the sign post and clamp the ends closed.

Step 11

Clear Coat your entire project and let dry for about 4 hours, to make sure that the surface is dry .

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