Set Up Zoom on Your IPad/iPhone for Music Rehearsals



Introduction: Set Up Zoom on Your IPad/iPhone for Music Rehearsals


Here are instructions for how to make the audio sound better for our Zoom rehearsals. These instructions are mainly for iPads, though there may be similar settings for other devices.

Before you enter a meeting, you need to enable the 'Use Original Sound' option. It is in Zoom's Meeting settings. The Zoom app remembers this setting so you should only need to enable this once. This is shown in Steps 1 to 3 below.

Then when you are in a meeting, you can turn on Original Sound. This is shown in Steps 4 & 5 below. You'll need to do this for each Zoom rehearsal.

Detailed steps with screenshots are below. Note, sometimes Instructables seems to crop some of the previews of the screenshots. So you'll have to click on them to see all the annotations. Sorry about that.

Step 1: Go to Zoom Settings

Open Zoom (without starting a meeting) and click on the "Settings" button. It has a an icon that looks like a gear. On the iPad this is on the bottom left. On the iPhone, this is on the bottom right. (Note that sometimes the previews of the screenshots are cropped so you can't see the settings button -- click on them to see the full screenshot)

Step 2: Click on "Meetings"

Select the Meetings line, to go to Zoom's Meeting settings.

Step 3: Scroll Down a Bit and Enable "Use Original Sound"

Scroll down until you find the option for "Use Original Sound." You want this switch to be on/green.

Step 4: When You Are in a Meeting, Enable "Original Sound"

Then, once you are in a Zoom rehearsal meeting, click on the the 3 dot icon/More in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 5: Select "Enable Original Sound"

Select "Enable Original Sound." Done. You sound awesome!

Step 6: Setup Steps for Mac

If you don't have an iPad/iPhone, but instead have a Mac, you can do a similar set up for steps 1 to 3. (There are probably similar settings for the Windows version of the app.)

Open the Zoom application while you're not in a meeting and navigate to the preferences window. (On Mac, the shortcut for this is ⌘-, or Command-comma)

In the Audio tab, turn off the checkbox for "Automatically adjust microphone volume" and set "Suppress Background noise" to Low.

Then, click on the "advanced" link, and make sure that "Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" is enabled. I do not know whether.

When you are in a meeting, you will see a small link at the top left of the window to "Enable Original Sound"

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