Introduction: Set Up an Multiple Console Game Into Single Television

Many gamers have two or three different consoles. Fans of early game consoles often have a selection of retro consoles, as well as several new models. Without a proper setup, users must disconnect one console and connect a different one in its place. This is a time consuming process, requires users to regularly move their screen, and leaves an untidy pile of wires behind. It also damages the pins on the console cables and the port in the back of the screen. This guide provides a guide to the process of setting up all of a gamer's consoles on a single television or screen to eliminate the need to disconnect and reconnect different consoles.

Xbox 360 and 360 S users often want to connect their console to a friend's or even to a group of consoles in the same house. This guide gives readers the connection options available, how many consoles can be added to each system link, and how to achieve each connection.

Step 1: Items You Need

  • Composite 3x1 Switch plus Composite cable (skip this item if TV has a composite port)
  • HDMI 4x1 Switch plus HDMI Cable (skip this item if TV has a 2 or more HDMI port)
  • Single TV
  • Input Sources

Step 2: Steps

  1. Connect a cable of each console to switch. (Composite & HDMI)
  2. Connect switch to a TV. (If needed) Plug a adapter to switch.
  3. Connect console using an cable provided on console directly. (Component Input)
  4. Turn on a TV.
  5. Turn on a console and switch input to connected console.
  6. Repeat steps above and press an button of switch.