Introduction: Set/Scene Setup Record Sheet

While preparing for my upcoming video bio I realized I needed to think beyond the shoot and factor in a safe guard for resetting my scene should I need to reshoot as well as documenting my settings for reference. I am not a professional videographer - purely an ambitious enthusiast at best - and so I can't count on experience to guide me with all aspects of capturing quality video and sound, but I can use a pencil to record what I did. My aim was to find some solid settings and light placements, log them, reuse them and tweak them while recording those tweaks for later use. I googled for a setup work sheet to help me but no luck (at least not with the keywords and patience I used) and so I decided to make my own. Common theme on this site.

This isn't so much an instructable  but rather  an open-sourceable. Well as open source as long as someone has Flexi Sign Pro to edit the original file. If you have Flexi and want to edit this document just ask and I will fire off the .fs file to you, otherwise I have attached a PDF for the masses. 

This is my first revision and hope you find it useful. I am open to revision suggestions/updates and I will upload the revisions as they come.