Introduction: Setting Up Airport Express

First Check you Table of Contents

1-Airport Extreme Router

1-Power Cord


1-Ethernet Cat 5 Cable

Step 1: Connecting Airport Extreme to Your Cable/DSL Modem

-Please connect Ethernet Cable from your Cable/DSL modem to your Airport Extreme WAN port

Tip- Alternative Procedure: you can unplug Cable/DSL modem from power outlet and connect it back to power outlet in order to reset IP address for Airport Extreme Router.

Tip- Green Light: Modem and Router made connection

Orange Light- Modem and Router made connection but no internet connection

Red Light- No Connection

If neither lights are displayed please call technical support (800) MY-APPLE

Step 2: Download Airport Utility

From your Computer,Apple Ipad or Apple IOS device you can use Airport Utility.

Follow Steps

Windows Computer- go to website click on "Downloads" and select Airport Utility download for windows.

Apple Ipad- Click on Settings select Wireless and Airport Extreme will show up at the bottom of your screen with unsecured connection click on it and set up router

Apple IOS Device- Click on Wireless settings select Airport Extreme Unsecured and click on it to set up router.

Open Airport Utility....

Your Airport Extreme router will be displayed in Airport Utility and is ready to be set up

click on Wireless Settings

Adjust Network Name to your like

Network Password to your like

Network Security- WEP, WPA/WPA2or WPA Enterprise

Radio Mode-Automatic

Radio Channel Selection- Automatic or Manual

Step 3: Check Connection

Once configured Airport Extreme router will change display light from orange to green.

Step 4:

Picture Display Of Airport Extreme Router see figure