Setting Up a Wi-Fi Router

Introduction: Setting Up a Wi-Fi Router

It's very simple to use the Wi-Fi internet connection if your Personal computer had a Wi-Fi network card. In case you follow the instructions in the owner's manual you may setup the wireless router easily. The actual recommendations would be supplied in printed format as well as in a CD. You can also download an application that will help you set up the router accurately.

What hardware do you need?

To setup wireless router, you should have appropriate components. This includes a Wi-Fi router, a networking cable connection and a Wi-Fi network adapter.

Installing the router all on your own

The router has to be connected to the modem utilizing an Ethernet cable to be able to do it and not using a supporting application.

• The Wi-Fi router needs to be connected to the power. Normally it takes one minute for the wireless router to begin doing the job.

• The wireless router and the computer must be hooked up using an Ethernet cable.

• Make sure you logon to the router admin page by starting a browser in your desktop or laptop. The particular IP address of the wireless router should be placed in the browser. To get the wireless router Internet protocol address, always check out the customer guide book or the label placed directly under the wireless router. Typically, the most used default IP addresses are or 192.168.0.l.

• Make sure you type in the computer network password to set up the network group through which you'll be able to get into the computer network. The default login name for many of the routers can be ‘admin’. The default password can be either ‘admin’ or even ‘password’. Those two can be validated if you've got the manual at your fingertips.

• You are going to get easy access to the configuration page. You may make a networking name which is called SSID (Service Set Identifier). You may also decide on a completely different type of security. We strongly suggest you to get started using WPA2 encryption in order to enhance your network security.

• It is advisable to utilize a security password to gain access to the wireless network. As a result you are going to make sure no unauthorized individuals will access it. The password must be safe enough so that it will not be cracked very easily. Make certain that the password includes specific characters and numerals, not only on letters.

• You must modify the admin password of the router so that others will not be able to access the wireless router admin page.

• Right now, you may detach the computer and the router may be used wirelessly with virtually no complications.

The best way to share your internet connection

Immediately after setting up the router, it is easy to easily share the web connection to ensure other clients will access the internet connection with no problems.

In case you manage traditional internet connection, the original computer should be turned on. Also, should you use it wirelessly, you can switch off your primary Personal computer.

Don't fret about protection issues when you setup the router. You must not get connected to an unsafe network too so that you can have the ability to protect your information without having complications.

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