Introduction: Setting the Time on a Hermle Quartz 1217 Clock Movement

I couldn't find setting instructions for my mantle clock online so after figuring it out myself, I thought I would share my findings for anyone else who may own this clock.

Step 1: Don't Mar the Finish.

Set the clock face down on a soft surface so you don't scratch the wood. I used the couch.

Step 2: Open Up.

Rotate the four plastic tabs and remove the wood back panel.

Your clock may differ. I don't know how many different clock contain this movement.

Step 3: The Movement.

Here is the movement. It is powered by two C-size batteries, has 4 different chimes, and several function settings.

Step 4: What Time Is It?

Top left are the STOP and START buttons.
Three knobs along the left side are also buttons.
A knob in the center sets the analog hands.
Upper right corner has the Make (Hermle) and Model# (1217)
Lower right is the battery compartment.

- The STOP button stops the analog movement and resets all digital settings.
- The START button begins keeping time after you're done setting the clock.
- Knob 1 sets the time in the digital portion of the clock. Turn the knob to the number you wish to set and press it until you hear a beep.
- Knob 2 sets the chime. Turn it to the the one you want and press the knob. This one apparently doesn't beep to confirm the selection.
- Knob 3 sets various options. This one also doesn't make a confirmation beep. The first position will do a full test chime with 12 "gongs" while the clock is running. Option two turns off the sound (default is on). Options three lets you set one of two volume settings (default is loud). Fourth option turns off the chime at night (I think...I didn't test it) (default is to chime at all hours).

After you've made all your digital settings, pull the analog knob and set the time on the clock hands.
Press the green START button to begin ticking.
Replace the back panel and replace the clock on your mantle (or wherever).