Introduction: Setup 8bitDo Nes30 Pro Bluetooth Controller in Retropie on Raspberry Pi Zero W and Pi 3

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In this Instructable, you are going to learn how to connect your 8bitDo NES 30 Pro Bluetooth Controller to your Raspberry Pi installation.

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Let’s get started!

Step 1: What You’ll Need

Step 2: Update Your 8bitDo Controller's Firmware

Go to

Go to the "Support" menu.

Select the NES30 Pro Controller image from the list.

Click on the cog under "Firmware"

Select the latest version of the controller's firmware, the download will start automatically.

Grab your controller and press the "Home" and the "Wireless Sync" buttons at the same time until the controller flashes yellow.

Connect the controller to the PC.

Click on the executable file that you just downloaded.

Click on "USB Update" button.

Look for the "firmware.dat" file you downloaded along with the executable.

Click on "Yes" in the window that is going to appear.

Wait for the firmware to update.

Once it does, you can disconect your controller from the PC.

Step 3: Connect the Controller to RetroPie

Go to "Settings" on your RetroPie installation.

Scroll down to "Bluetooth"

Deactivate the "8BitDo mapping hack"

NOTE: If you have problems with this part of the tutorial, try changing the connection mode on the "Configure Bluetooth Connect Mode" from "Default" to "boot" or "background"

Press the "Sync" button on your 8bitDo controller.

Select "Register and Connect to Bluetooth Device"

NOTE: If you don't want to repeat this process everytime you turn on your Raspberry Pi, you can make the controller auto-sync with Retropie by setting up a new dev rule, to do that scroll down to "Set up udev rule for Joypad" and then select your 8bitDo controller.

Step 4: Configure Your Controller’s Imput

Hold the Home button until the RetroPie menu appears.

Select “Configure Imput”

Hit “Yes" Press "A" on your 8bitDo controller.

Press the buttons that match the ones you are being asked.

NOTE: You may have a bit of a problem with the sticks, keep trying until they map correctly or try to configure them later

Congratulations, you’ve just connected your 8BitDo NES30 Pro controller to RetroPie, successfully mapped your imput and that’s it for this Instructable.

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