Introduction: Serial Communication With 3 LEDs


With this instructable, you will learn how to change the brightness of 3 LEDs and the delay between when it switches on and off. This is done through serial communication between a computer and an Arduino board.

1. Add an Arduino UNO R3

2. Add a full breadboard

3. Add a ground connection between GRN on the Arduino and a ground line on the breadboard

Step 1: Adding LEDs

1. Add 3 LEDs

2. Ground the 3 LEDs

Step 2: Connecting Everything Together

1. Add a connection between the Arduino pin 3 (a ~PWM pin) and the breadboard positive line

2. Add 3, 220Ω resistors and place each between the positive line of the LED and the positive line on the breadboard

Step 3: Upload Code

1. Add the code provided to the Arduino IDE

2. Upload the code to the Arduino UNO