Seven Segment Display From Web(Arduino) Without Ethernet or Wi-Fi Shield

Introduction: Seven Segment Display From Web(Arduino) Without Ethernet or Wi-Fi Shield

Do you wish to drive a seven segment display from a web interface using Arduino? And without using Ethernet or Wi-Fi Shield? Well here's a way to do that

This is my first Instructable, please inform me if I am wrong anywhere. I appreciate constructive criticism. If you have any query please message me. If you like my project please vote me in the contests. Your vote is very valuable for me

Step 1: Requirements: First Things First....


1. Freenom (Optional)

2. (Optional)


1. Arduino (The king of all)

2. Breadboard

3. Connecting Wires

4. Internet (Optional)

5. Seven Segment Display Module


6. Website with php (Instructable coming soon...)

7. Processing IDE

8. Arduino IDE

9. WampServer (Optional)

Step 2: Codes

Step 3: Website

Web Hosting:

1. Sign up on or any other website you like.

2. Get a free domain on Point the nameservers to the hosting website.

3. Upload the html file as index.html through FTP. Upload the php file. The php file must be same as used in the html hyperlink

4. Create a new text file named SegmentState.txt.This name must match the one in the php file.

5. Publish the website.


Local hosting:

1. Install Wampserver

2. Copy the HTML and php file to the root folder.

3. Port forward your router to your webserver for publishing the website to the internet. (Optional)

Step 4: Procedure

1. Download & install Arduino IDE from the given link.

2. Connect the seven segment display to your Arduino.

3. Upload the given code to Arduino.

4. Test the code through Serial Monitor.

5. Download & install Processing IDE from the given link.

6. Copy the Processing code.

7. Replace the URL of the loadstring in the processing code with your URL.

8. Run the processing code.

Step 5: The Result

Go to your website anywhere in the world, if published to the internet or go to your website on the localhost and select a number. That's it, the seven segment display displays the number you have chosen.

Phew, All done!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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    Question 4 years ago

    help!!! my html file keeps appearing as a link to the code on the website when i upload it using filezilla.
    same as the php file. what should i do??


    Answer 4 years ago

    Could you please share a screenshot of the same? It would be very helpful if you could also share the URL of your website.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you


    5 years ago

    Great going! Waiting for your next instructable :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you for motivating me. Next instructable will be coming soon.