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Introduction: Sew Cozy Reversible Cowl

With the winter winds howling and the snow falling, what better way to stay warm than a cozy reversible cowl? Choose any two warm fabrics you like to match many outfits! I used navy microfleece and a patterned sweatshirt fleece. Enjoy your cozy cowl, make some for friends, and stay toasty warm this winter!

Step 1: Materials

  • At least 1/2 yard of two coordinating, warm and cozy fabrics
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing necessities - straight pins, thread, sewing machine, hand sewing needles, measuring tape, sharp scissors, etc.

Step 2: Cut Your Fabric Pieces

Cut two fabric pieces 11 1/2" - 12" x 32" - make it shorter, longer, or narrower by adjusting

Make sure you have sharp scissors or a rotary cutter for neat edges. Be mindful of any patterns or borders when cutting printed fabric.

Step 3: Ironing & Sewing

Iron your pieces - this makes sewing a lot easier.

Put right sides together, and pin in place as shown

*If you are using stretchy fabric, be sure to use a ballpoint needle on your sewing machine*

Sew a seam on each long edge, using 1/2" seam. You are making a large tube.

Step 4: Seaming

Turn your tube right side out

Fold ends in about an inch and iron

Pin ends together and hand-sew around to sew closed, hiding the seam

Step 5: Finishing

Iron your cowl flat, and wear proudly because you made it yourself,. Stay warm and cozy!

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    Great project for the Sew Warm contest. Good luck.


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    Thank you!