Introduction: Sew Handy Tips for Sewing Tools

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What tools will I need?

What are the best brands?

What is the highest quality?

This tutorial will help you make some of those decisions.

Step 1: Scissors

Good quality scissors are a Must have for sewing!

You can buy cheap ones, but they will dull quickly and won't cut well. By the time you buy a few of cheap pairs, you have spent almost enough money to buy a good pair. My favorite is the Gingher scissors I've used one pair all my Sewing life (10+years) and they still work great! They provide a Lifetime warranty, My mother had a pair for years(13-16?) and they were getting loose on the screw, she called them up and they sent a replacement pair right away, and let us keep the old set!

Step 2: Thread Snips

Thread Snips are a handy tool to have, I use mine for cutting thread ends, snipping a project off the sewing machine and more... they are somewhat expensive but worth your money, you can also use a small pair of scissors or a stitch ripper instead.

Step 3: Measuring Tape

You need a measuring tape to measure the size of the person you're sewing for, adjusting your pattern, and much more.

Be careful what you buy! once I bought a very cheap one on the internet, when it arrived something seemed wrong about it, I compared it to another one I had... and the "inches" were more like 1 1/2" long! and not SAE. or anything metric either.

You can find measuring tapes at any local craft store for a fairly good price.

Step 4: Pins & Pincushions

Pins are very handy for some sewing projects, just don't buy low-quality pins that will bend all the time, or the plastic heads fall off and then you get injured with them. I Personally prefer the quilting longer pins but it depends on what project you're working on If its something small like a doll dress or a hand sewing project shorter pins are sometimes easier to work around.

Pincushions are nice to have the sewing machine to poke your pins in as you sew or get them to use if you need them.


Tired of all your ribbon unraveling from the spool? I use Petite Pearlized 3/4" pins to hold the ends down.

Step 5: Fabric Weight

Fabric weights are very helpful to have around.

I use them mainly when cutting out a project, the weights will hold the fabric and pattern in place.

Here are some ideas for weights:

  • large washers with decorative fabric wrapped around them(see picture)
  • smooth stones
  • canned food(soup can)
  • full baby-food jars, or fill empty jars with sand....just make sure the lids are in place securely:-)
  • small smooth pieces of wood
  • your sons hotwheel cars (as long as they let you)...
  • and the list can go on be creative


If you use the sand filled baby food jar idea, hot glue the lid on to prevent a spill.

Step 6: Iron

An Iron is a much-needed tool. Before starting to sew a project it makes things a lot easier, to have all the wrinkles out of your fabric, or iron your project as you go to crease seams correctly.

Irons are easy to find, at a reasonable price. you can often find them for a couple dollars at a secondhand store. Just make sure the bottom of the iron is clean with no build-up if the bottom is dirty it will stain your fabric.

And you'll need an ironing board as well.


To get out those tough wrinkles, mist the fabric with water, spray bottles work great.

Step 7: Sewing Machines

I like the old antique Singer treadle sewing machines, mine never fails!

Pfaff Is a good brand as well as BERNINA.

I don't know which particular models are the best, so read reviews and ask your friends what they like best.

I do know one thing "they do not make them like they use to".

Step 8: Cutting Table

Cutting tables are nice to have, you can leave a project on it without it being disturbed as it would elsewhere, but it's not necessary.

You can use:

  • the dining room table,
  • your desk
  • a clean floor space
  • kitchen counter
  • a plastic folding table.

Have any questions? or constructive comments? I will be very happy to hear from you

Ecclesiastes 9:10 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might...

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