Introduction: Sew Pants Into a Draw String Bag

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Ever have a spare pants laying around that you never get around to wearing?
Instead of throwing it away, lets make it into a bag! Make a very simple/easy and an inexpensive bag, with these following steps.
I'm not the greatest at explaining things, just hang on and look at the pictures because hopefully they would help heaps with communicating the steps to you.

Adios x

Step 1: What You Will Need

- spare pants/short (preferably large) you can either buy pants at a op/thrift shop.
-string, with some sort of thickness on 3-5mm -lining material (you would only need a meter or less depending on the size of pants/shorts)

-sewing machine
-hand sewing needles
-glue gun

Step 2: Seams All Out

1. Find the seam that holds the crotch area, and cut it away! You should be left with an opening.

Step 3: Sewing a New Seam

1. Cut up a little box(1cm thick).
2. Fold the two sides 1cm inwards.
3. Pin the two sides together.
4. Sew the two sides together, allow 1cm.

Step 4: Cleaning Up the Seam.

1. Once both seams (the front and the back) are sewn up. Flip the flap that was created to one side and sew to flatten the piece down onto the material.

Note: be cautious of sewing, be careful not to sew onto the other side. Just sew straight onto one piece.

Step 5: The Closing of the Bottom

1. Cut out 8cm worth of string, cut it into two pieces (therefore being 4cm each).
2. Flip the pants inside out so the right sides are facing inwards and the wrong sides are on the outside.
3. Pin the seams up, the seam allowance should be 1.5cm.
Warning: difficult to explain, but hang with me.
4. While pining the seam, with the 4cm string place it at the very start of the seam. (This is the loop that the string straps will be held by) Create a half loop with the string and place the loop, inside where the right side is, therefore leaving the ends of the loop appearing at the seam. Repeat at the other end of the bag.
5. After the pins have placed and secure both the loops and the seam, sew up the seam.

Step 6: The Lining

This part is the lining, you can skip the pocket part and just cut out the material, and sew both seams, flip it inside out and it's done. But I like to add a little pocket.
1. Have the lining material; my lining material size was based off the size of the bag, so I had material and folded it in half, and the half size was the size of my bag. (150cm length: folded in half it was 75cm, width wise it was 50cm)

The little pocket: 20cm x 15cm (The material I had was 40cm x 30cm then I folded it in half)
1. Have a small size material and fold it in half therefore leaving a side with no open end. The opposite side however will be sewn making a closed end.
You should have one opening that will be the pocket opening, and another open side adjacent to the pocket opening and that should be the longest side. This will be the end that will be sewn into the lining seam.
2. Flip the pocket inside out, leaving the seam of the pocket concealed.
3. Align the longer open side near the bottom of the lining and pin it into the seam. Pin both sides and sew.
4. Flip it inside out, and you should be left with a lining and a pocket.

Step 7: Attaching the Lining

There are plenty of ways to attach a lining, however for me, I wanted something simple as easy. Whip out your glue guns.

1. Flip the lining inside out, (the seams should be outside) and place it into the bag. (Wrong sides together)
2. Fold 1cm along the top of the lining material, and pin it onto the bag. Make sure the seam line of the lining on both sides are align to the seam line of the bag. 
3. Now, one at a time, take a pin out, (and make sure that the seam is still folded) with a heated glue gun, apply glue onto the bag, and place the lining seam onto it. Hold for a few seconds until secure. Repeat this step until the whole lining is attached.

Step 8: Completing the Bag

Creating the straps! 
1. With two very long string (180cm - this will be your bag straps) Loop it through the already made belt loops previously there because of the pants. So one string will go from one side of the bag (side A), and loop until it comes back to the beginning. Repeat again with the opposite side (side B).
Side A and B are from left to right. 

2. With the same string on one side, pull it through the little loop created before (there should be two strands from the same on string). Tie a knot so the string can't fall out of the loop, repeat to the other side.
3. Once done, pull the strings to close the bag and that's it, enjoy your new bag!
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