Introduction: Sew This Nice Pillowcase!

This is a very easy project I made it at a sowing camp I went to it was a very fun project to!

Materials you will need:

¾ yard main pillowcase fabric (27” x width of fabric from selvage to selvage)¼ yard cuff fabric (9” x width of fabric from selvage to selvage)Accent strip fabric (2” x width of fabric from selvage to selvage), pressed in half lengthwise to make a 1” folded strip

Step 1: ​Layer Your Materials:

Place your cuff fabric on your work station, right side up. Layer the main pillowcase fabric on top of it, right side up, aligning the top raw edges. Line up the raw edges of the folded accent strip with the top raw edges of the other two fabrics.

Step 2: ​Roll Up the Main Fabric:

Starting at the bottom and working your way up, roll the main fabric panel into a little tube or “burrito.” Stop when you get to the center of the cuff fabric.

Step 3: Fold Up the Cuff Fabric:

Bring the bottom edge of the cuff fabric up and over the burrito. Align the raw edges. Pin in place, making sure to trap the accent strip.

Step 4: ​Sew the Raw Edges:

Stitch along the raw edges with a ¼” seam allowance, or use a serger to finish the edge. It should now look like a long fabric burrito.

Step 5: ​Unroll the Burrito and Press:

Tug at the main fabric inside the burrito, gently pulling it out of the tube. Continue pulling your pillowcase from the inside out.

Step 6:

Once it’s fully unrolled, lay flat and press the wrinkles out, making sure the accent strip lays flat and in the same direction

Step 7: ​. Trim to Size:

Trim the pillowcase to 28” long, measuring from the top of the cuff to the opposite end. Then, fold the pillowcase in half, right sides together. Finger press any wrinkles out, and align the accent strip so each half is laying on top of the other. (If needed, you can pin it in place.) Trim the pillowcase to 20” wide (which will give you a 40” total width).

Step 8: ​Finish the Pillowcase:

There are a few ways you can finish this pillow case:

Serger: Fold the pillowcase in half, then serge the raw edges on the top and right sides only. Turn right side out and press. French Seams: Fold the pillowcase in half, wrong sides together (right sides should be facing out). Stitch together with a ¼” seam allowance. (Note: You will only sew the two sides with raw edges.) Trim the raw edges down to a slim ¼”.

Step 9: ​Trap the Raw Edges:

Turn the pillowcase wrong side out; gently poke the corners. Press.

Sew a ⅜” seam (or ½” if you prefer) on the same two sides you sewed in step 7. This will trap the raw edges inside and make a crisp finished edge.

Step 10: Turn and Press:

Flip the pillowcase right side out; gently poke the corners. Give it one last press and you have a pillowcase that’s ready to be filled!

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