Introduction: Sew Useful Easy Fabric Card Holder

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Make this nice and practical card holder in not time!
This card holder is made out of fabric and it's purpose is to hold your credit card, library card, driver's licence or even your business cards.
I love giving it as a little present with a gift card inside. Gift cards are very popular but I think that adding a nice, useful and handmade card holder makes the gift card even more special.
This sewing project is very simple and you can make it in a very short time. So get those scraps of fabric out and start your sewing machine!

Step 1: List of Materials

To start this project, you first need to gather some simple materials:
1- Heavy fabric for the outside and light weight fabric for the lining.(Scraps and small pieces that are at least 6" by 6" are OK)
2- Headpins
3- Velcro (the kind that you sew on the fabric)
4- Poster board or heavy paper to trace the template
5- Ruler
6- Pinking shears
7- Fabric scissors
8- Pen
OPTIONAL- Fusible fabric stabilizer (you can get it at any fabric shop)I will explain how to use this at the end.

Step 2: Trace and Cut Templates

Using the ruler and pen trace 2 rectangle on the poster board or heavy paper.
The first template should measure 5 3/4" by 4 1/4"

The second template should measure 4 1/4" by 2 1/4"

Cut them up and these will be yout templates for the card holder.

Step 3: Transfer Template to Fabric.

With the pen trace onto the heavy fabric the large template. This will be your card holder outside fabric.

Now trace using with the large template again onto the light fabric. This will be the lining.

Trace two times on another piece of heavy fabric using the SMALL TEMPLATE.

Cut the four pieces.

Step 4: Cut Your Pieces

Now you cut and obtained the 4 pieces needed for the card holder.
These are:

Outside Fabric
Two inside pockets
and Lining

With the pinking shears cut the just one edge of each one of the pieces that will become the card holder pockets.(One of the wider edges)

Step 5: Prepare Pieces

Using the pen make two marks on the inside flaps (pockets)making sure they are in the same spot, like I show in the picture.
Cut a piece of Velcro positioning the fuzzy and the rough sides together, that way the two sides of the Velcro are the same size.

Step 6: Prepare Pockets

Separate the Velcro and position them just above the marks that you made on each side of the flaps.

Step 7: Sew Velcro Onto Pockets

Position the Velcro in place and sew it. Make sure that the pieces of Velcro are centered and that you sew them on the right side of the fabric.

Step 8: Assemble Pieces

The assembling starts here.
Lay your outside fabric face down, lining face up and the two flaps or pockets side up like in the picture.

Step 9: Sew Around

Pin all the pieces together making sure they are aligned and in place.
Sew the piece around the edges with a 1/4" seam approx.

Step 10: View of Sewn Piece

Your piece should look like this.

Step 11: Cut Edges

With the pinking shears cut around the edges to avoid the raw edges of fabric from fraying.
Cut very close to the outside edge so you don't cut the stitches.

Step 12: Press and Iron

Fold your card holder in half and press with a warm iron to make a crease in the middle. You can add a little embellishment on the outside center too.

Step 13: Optional Step (fusible Stabilizer)

In this cardholder I used a light weight fabric for the outside.
Here I used the fusible fabric stabilizer.
On sptep 3:
I used my large and small template and I traced and cut a piece of the fusible stabilizer and I ironed on the light fabric to make it stiff. Use it for the outside and inside pockets.
That would count as my heavy fabric.
Continue with step 4.

Step 14: YOU Finished Your Cardholder!!!

Now you have a nice cardholder for you or to give as a little gift!!
That was fast!

Step 15: Inside View

Here is how they look on the inside.
Put those cards inside!