Sew Your Own Pika-pillow

Introduction: Sew Your Own Pika-pillow

About: Hi! I'm Isaac. I'm a 16 year old maker can't keep my hands still. I aspire to show all other young people out there that you can be a great maker, no matter how old you are.

Are you a pokemon fanatic? Do you want to do a sewing project but don't have a lot of time?

Here's a simple pillow that won't take any longer than an hour! (As a bonus it looks really cute :D)

Let's get our supplies.


You'll need:

A yellow pillow


A needle and threads

A fabric marker (This is for the mouth. If you want you can also just stitch a mouth on.)

Glue (I used a glue stick)


Step 1: Print Out a Template

Print out this picture and cut out the cheeks, eyes, nose and mouth. Arrange them on your pillow and see where you want the pieces to go. This will help you position the felt pieces later on.

Step 2: Cheeks

Cut out 2 red circles. These will be Pikachu's cheeks. Put these aside.

Step 3: Eyes

Next, cut out two black circles slightly larger than the cheeks. Cut and glue two small white circles and glue them to the black circles to make Pikachu's eyes.

Step 4: Nose

Cut out a small, rounded triangle for the nose. In the photo I show the eyes to show the size of the nose compared to the rest of the pieces.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Start by sewing on the cheeks, then add the nose and eyes. We're almost done!

Step 6: Mouth

With the fabric marker, draw a mouth. If you like, you can draw an open mouth!

Step 7: And... Finished!

There you have it! Your very own Pika-pillow! You can catch it if you want. I released mine into the wild.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!

Peace out,


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