Introduction: Sew-a-Card

Hey!! Here's a neat-o way to make a card for the holidays!

Step 1: What You Need:

1. paper
2. pencil
3. ruler
4. exacto knife
5. thread
6. sewing machine (or needle if you really want to torture yourself)
7. scotch tape
8. markers

Step 2: Draw Your Design!

draw what you want to sew in light pencil.

Step 3: Sew Time

pick which color thread you want to make each object in your drawing. start to sew!! try to tie the loose threads together so they don't pull out. Once you're done sewing you can put tape on the back to hold the loose thread down.

Step 4: Exacto-ly

Once youre done sewing and taping, cut out portions of the paper around the thread the way you like it and voila! c'est fini!

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    12 years ago on Step 4

    CooL!  I've been wanting to do something like this.  Thanks for the instructions!!