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Introduction: Sew a Catnip-Stuffed Cat Toy

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Want to give your cat a toy it'll actually play with? Look no further than the Sewable Cat Toy-Mouse. You can custom-make it to your tastes--it can be whatever color or size you desire! The skill level of this is easy, so it can easily be a 15-minute project or a first-time project.

Step 1: Cut Out 2 Body Pieces.

Cut out 2 body pieces of the same size. You can use the pattern I provided* or to make a smaller/larger mouse than that, cut your own.

*I got the pattern from Handmade Cuddles, modified the idea a little. Thank you Handmade Cuddles!

Step 2: Cut Out Your Ears.

Cut out 2 of the "Outer Ears" in the pattern. Leave the Inner Ears be.

Step 3: Turn Both Body Pieces Right Side in on Top of Each Other and Sew.

Turn both body pieces right side in on top of each other, as shown in the picture, and sew on all sides except the bottom. ( Never mind the tail/change of fabric in the picture.)

Step 4: Stuff With Poly-Fil and Catnip.

Flip your mouse right side out and stuff with catnip and Poly-Fil.( or other stuffing.)

Step 5: Sew the Bottom Closed.

Sew the bottom closed, keeping the stuffing and catnip inside.

Please note that you need to sew the whole bottom closed, not just half it as is shown in the picture.

The picture is not mine, it is from WeKnowStuff. Thank you WeKnowStuff!

Step 6: Sew on the Ears.

Sew on the ears, one ear per side. Make sure to put the ears in the same place on each side, so it matches up.

Step 7: Enjoy!

I hope your cats ( and you!) enjoy this catnip-stuffed adorable cat toy!

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    2 years ago

    Apparently, research indicates that cats see yellow and blue much better than red. Some suggest that because purple contains blue, it may be a bit more colorful to a cat than just gray; same goes for green, but maybe slightly more so because green is made up of the two colors they see best. Then again, as the excellent hunters they are, cats respond best to motion. Unfortunately, my furface refuses to discuss the subject because it isn't explicitly about food. ;-)


    4 years ago

    that is really a nice thing to made and i will try it too. Thank you


    Reply 4 years ago

    you're welcome Nancy!

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    My cats love these and making them yourself is so much cheaper than buying them at the pet store.