Introduction: Sew a Simple Scrunchie!

Hi, this is my first instructable, so i hope you enjoy it!  This project is very easy, and will only take 5 to 10 minutes.  It will fill in those bored moments! So let's have some fun and get started!

Step 1: Materials

In order to make this fabulous scrunchie, you will need your choice of cotton fabric, about 16 inches by 8 inches, scissors, a sewing machine, a seam ripper, a thick ponytail holder, pins, an iron, and thread.  Yes, that is all!

Step 2: Cutting!

This will take you a good ten seconds.  The piece should be about 4 inches wide and 16 inches long.  That's all for this step. See you in the next step!

Step 3: Ironing!

This step also won't take any time at all.  Just set your iron to cotton fabric, and fold then iron your fabric the long way.

Step 4: Finally, the Sewing!

This is probably the hardest part of this instructable.  To start it off, fold the piece in half again the long way, and fold that so you have a tube like shape.  Sew that.  Turn that piece the other side out, as if you were turning it right side out. Then insert the elastic in the beginning of your piece.  As you sew, keep pulling the bottom of the fabric through so each side is even and the ponytail holder is inside.  Keep going, scrunching up the fabric you have sewn already. 

Step 5: Show It Off!

This has got to be the most important part.  You are finished, and now it's time to show off your beautiful new scrunchie!  Your friends will ask, "Hey, were did you get that awesome scrunchie?" and you say, "I made it!"