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Introduction: Sew Blue Jean Pocket Bean Bags

We had figured out most of the details for our Fourth of July party this year, from our felt pennant decorations to our red white and blue cupcakes, but we still needed to focus on entertainment. We wanted a new game for the kids at the party to play, and since their parents are all fans of the popular game cornhole, we wanted to make something similar with bean bags for the kids. So, we brainstormed and came up with easiest way to make bean bags ever& using the pockets of old jeans! Then we made some scored targets to toss them at, and now we have a simple and fun bean bag toss game that we can't wait to show all our young friends (and maybe the older ones too!)

Step 1: Cut the Pockets

Grab your old jeans and trim around the back pockets with a pair of scissors, right along the pockets edges. For the top of the pocket, just cut straight across the top. Youll end up with pouch thats already sewn shut for you on three sides.

Step 2: Decorate Your Bean Bags

If you want to decorate your pockets, take a few minutes now to paint them

Step 3: Filling

Now fill the pockets about 2/3 full of the dry beans. Dont make them too full, or else you wont be able to sew them shut.

Step 4: Sew It Shut

Use two straight pins to hold the top closed, then sew it shut with one or two rows of stitches on the sewing machine.

Step 5: Paint the Saucers

You can paint the saucers in any color or design you like, to match the occasion. I painted mine in a simple red, white, and blue design. I painted scores on each saucer, with the lowest score for the largest (easiest to hit) saucer, and the highest score for the smallest (hardest to hit) saucer.

Step 6: Play the Game

To play the game, just line up the saucers with the largest one closest to you, and the smallest one farthest away. The distance between the saucers can vary depending on the age and skill level of those playing. Then have the kids take turns tossing the bags onto the targets of their choice, and score them for any successful hits.

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    5 years ago

    Very nice-I'll try them. Thanks for posting!!


    6 years ago

    Use any fabric as long as it's durable. They are so easy and cheap if they start to wear out just remake them. And that way you might be able to embroider different designs on them each year.


    8 years ago

    Could you use any thing else my mom thinks its a crime to ruin a pair of perfectly good jeans well up yours mom


    12 years ago on Introduction

    These look great, using a pocket sure saves you time sewing.