SewUseful Low-Sew Picnic Flateware and Dish Holders

Introduction: SewUseful Low-Sew Picnic Flateware and Dish Holders

This is a "low-sew" SewUseful project for Check it out at This Set holds four 6-piece flatware sets made from dish towels and ribbon and four plates in one holder made from kitchen towels and ribbon. You will need the following supplies:

-four dish towels
-two kitchen towels
-No Slip Shelf Liner
-sewing machine
-dress pins

I got all the towels and shelf liner at my "local" dollar store to keep the project low cost. You can mix or match towels and ribbon and add any decor to your project you want.

Step 1: Dish Towel Flateware Holders: Part One

Take one dish towel and fold up 2/3 from one side. (The dish towel should be about square so it shouldn't matter which side you fold up from.) Pin across and down sides and double-sew (I sewed down and then sewed back up in reverse next to the first sewed part) the edges together. Then "double-sew" down the middle from the hemmed edge of the towel to your fold. Tie ends and trim off excess thread. Repeat the "double-sew" from hemmed edge to your fold twice on each side of the middle line you just sewed. This should make six compartments.
Repeat all of the above steps with the other three dish towels.

Step 2: Dish Towel Flateware Holders: Part Two

To top off your new flatware holders, cut four strips of ribbon a few inches longer than the length of the flatware holders (fold ends twice and sew together if the ribbon frays, allowing longer ribbon for this) and pin to the outside of the flatware holder just above the pocket openings. Flip over and make sure you will not be sewing the openings shut when you attach the ribbon. Sew along both edges of the ribbon, tie thread ends, and cut off excess thread.
Repeat this process with the other three flatware holders.

You are now done with the first half of your picnic set!

Step 3: Kitchen Towel Plate Holders: Part One

Cut a piece of no slip shelf liner off the roll that will fit about in the middle of one kitchen towel, leaving a few inches of towel showing on the top and sides of the shelf liner and about 3-4 inches on the bottom. Pin and sew along edges of the liner all the way around. Tie ends and trim off excess thread.
Repeat this process with the other kitchen towel.
With one of the kitchen towels pin a piece shelf liner the same size one inch from the bottom off the first piece of shelf liner JUST ALONG THE BOTTOM OF THE LINER, ALL THE WAY ACROSS. Double-sew, tie ends, trim excess thread.
Repeat this process with another piece of shelf liner placed one inch from where you sewed the last shelf liner.
Repeat this process one last time with a third piece of shelf liner. You should now have three pieces of shelf liner sewn about one inch from each other on their bottom ends and free-flowing on the other three ends.

Step 4: Kitchen Towel Plate Holders: Part Two

Place the two kitchen towels together at the bottom ends, one overlapping the other. Pin and sew together along all edges.
Fold the towels in half backward (with the insides containing the shelf liners facing out), then fold up each side to make a sort of accordion fold in an M shape. Pin sides of towels together and along this folded area to prevent from shifting. The towels should not meet up evenly at the top ends, leaving around three inches not covered so that it can be folded over like a book bag opening. Sew the edges of the towels together. DO NOT SEW ACROSS ON THE FOLD, JUST THE TWO HEMMED SIDES
The almost finished project should look similar to the last picture.

Step 5: Kitchen Towel Plate Holders: Part Three

Cut four pieces of ribbon about 10 inches. If edges of ribbon fray, fold and sew them as you did with with the flatware holders, but only sew one edge on each ribbon.
Pin two pieces of ribbon the the top flap of the plate holder bag. Fold raw edge under once (the other edge should be facing the opening), pin, and sew along each edge of ribbon, like you did on the flatware holders. Sew only halfway up toward the opening on both ribbons.
Fold the flap over and note where the ribbons meet up with the other towel. Pin the other two ribbons on to line up with the ribbons on the flat. Again, fold raw edges under and sew both edges of each ribbon halfway toward the edge (opening side).
You are now done! Add plates and flatware and go on a picnic : )

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