Sewing Box



Introduction: Sewing Box

It's always useful to have some pins and needles. But those things loves to jump around and hide in dark and dusty places.

To prevent that, here is a quick instructable to make a basic sewing box.

Step 1: Print the Parts !

You will need to 3D print two parts : top and bottom.

I have printed with no support or brim, at 0.2mm. If you have like me a crappy printer, you may want to put needles in holes will it's printing. This way, they won't collapse !

I also joined Solidworks Parts, if you want to make some changes (send me back your files, I'll will upload them here !).

After finishing the box, it seems a bit to little (not tall enough for tall needles). So change that if you want.

Step 2: Assemble the Bottom

Once everything is printed, you'll have to make a small cushion to pick the needles into.

For that, I used hard foam found in package, which I think is better than soft foam.

Cut the foam to match the box dimension, and then cover it with a felt piece.

Once the cushion is done, put it in the box and sew it thanks to the side holes.

Step 3: Assemble the Top

Let's do the top now !

This is pretty straight forward : cut a piece of felt that match the box, and then sew it thanks to the side holes !

Step 4: Final Assembly

Finally, just put the two parts together and fix them with two pins and a bit of glue !

That's it ! Have fun !

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