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Introduction: Sewing Machine Table to Bar Cart

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This was an old sewing machine table my mom had for FOREVER, to the point she used the table but with her new sewing machine on top of it like we used to do with old TVs back in the day. My dad removed the old, non-working sewing machine part and I have kept the table with intentions to renovate it for far too long.

I bought an oscillating tool from Lowes for the low, low price of $40 and thus started my much dreamed about project.

(P.S. Most of the images were taken with my iPhone 5, and this is my first instructable. I promise to have better pictures next time.)


  • From Hobby Lobby (1/2 off - whoop!)
    • (2) Wooden Drawer Handles
    • (2) Intricate Hooks
    • (1) Wall Bottle Opener
  • From Target
    • (1 pkg) 1" threaded wall hooks
    • (2) 8" x 14" x 4" Wire BasketsFrom Lowes
    • (4) 1.25" Casters
  • From Harbor Freight
    • (4) 2" Rubber Wheeled, Threaded Stem Casters
      [the original ones from Lowes were a bit too large to work]

Tools Used:

  • Worx Oscillating Tool with universal sanding pads, sander attachment, cutting blade included
  • Black & Decker Screw Gun/Drill
  • Channel Locks
  • Flathead Screw driver
  • Sand Paper Sponges

Step 1: Decide What to Do

I took measurements of the table, legs, nooks, corners, all that good stuff. I drew it up in Adobe Illustrator to scale and played around with a few possible layouts. Then I took the measurements and went on a shopping trip.

The legs were not super sturdy, so I decided to add a shelf to the bottom. Since I don't have a lot of tools, I wanted to have a box or baskets mounted underneath to avoid building something myself.

Step 2: Sanding

With my new oscillating tool, I attached the sander attachment and used the highest grade sand pad that came with it to remove the finish. I also attached my vacuum hose to the tool to help control most of the dust.

Step 3: Cutting the Hole

The original hole was an odd shape. I evened out the sides and cut out a more rectangle shape so that it was even on all sides.

Step 4: Mounting the Baskets

I measured the area under the table of the space where the baskets would hang. To get the spacing lined up easily, I made a template out of cardboard first, screwed in the hooks and held the baskets on it to see how far they would hang down from the hooks themselves.

Then, I used the template to make my marks and screwed in 4 hooks on both sides of the table, 8 hooks in all.

Step 5: Casters

The legs had old, screw feet that I popped out with a flathead screw driver.

In the third picture, the casters I originally bought at Lowes were too big to attach to the legs. So I got some stem casters from Harbor Freight. The existing holes were too small for the threaded stems, so I had to drill them a little wider.

Some were a bit tough to screw in, so I used a pair of channel locks to tighten them.

Step 6: Shelf

I measured how far from the bottom I'd want the shelf to be. Then, drilled holes and popped in shelf holders.

I had large piece of wood from a previous project that I cut a 15" x 23" piece for the shelf.

(Bonus photo: I took a quick bathroom break and returned to a lazy pup lounging in the dusty drop sheet...)

Step 7: Hardware

I used the existing holes on the front of the table from the old handle for the larger hooks.

I then drilled and mounted the bottle opener to the opposite side of the table.

Finally, I measured and drilled holes for the Wooden handles on both of the sides.

Now I just need to decide if I want to paint it, stain it, or just sealing it.

The entire project was measured and made to fit under the counter in my kitchen - not bad!


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