Introduction: Sewing PVC Ring, But Also a Thimble or Ring Pincushion

First, I want to say this is a ring. But it also serve as thimble and pincushion, so, try to make some !!


When I need to sewing, I need a needle, a place for the pincushion, a thimble.... From now, I can put most of the things on my fingers.


I think my design of thimble is much better than the metal I used. metal needle can not stay and push easily by metal thimble. But for my design, the PVC provide a large surface and the rope line up in horizontal assist the operation (push).


For normal sewing action, I rarely use more than two needles. So, I do not need a large pincushion. However, it is also not suitable for using small pincushion because I always drop the small one when moving the clothes....


U need some PVC tubing, ropes, pipe cutter, hand drill or similar tools

Step 1: Cutting and Drilling PVC Tubing

Cutting the PVC tubing

It is prefer to use the "pipe cutter" to cut the tubing, if u use saw to cut it, u probably need to sand it. PVC tubing have different diameters, 20mm is a reference but please remember that after wrapped with rope, the diameter will be decreased.

Drilling the PVC tubing

U can use handy screwdriver or even hand drill to made the hole

It is not recommend to heat up a screwdriver and melt the PVC in order to make a hole....

( at least doing it outdoor.....)

Step 2: Wrap the Rope

Insert the rope from the hole and the wrap it as shown in the photos.

For ending up the wrapping, just let the tail getting through the same hole and hidden the tail under the rope.

++++++++++++ Remark +++++++++++++

I am right-hand person and I put this ring on to left-hand small finger.

Since the needles is pointed outside, in normal operation, u would get hurt.....

BTW, u can turn your ring into your favour position.

++++++++++++ Special Thanks +++++++++++++

Special thanks for member "sunshiine", without the email and assist, probably, I would not re-organize the content.

( I am a lazy bone =^.^= )

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