Sewing a Hair Scarf

Introduction: Sewing a Hair Scarf

This is a super fun and easy project to sew and should only take 30min or up to an hour depending on how much a perfectionist you are so I hope you make one of these, they are super cute and in fashion.




Sewing machine

And if you don' have a sewing machine you can use thread and needle

To get started the you are going to need your fabric which you will need to cut it so that one piece is 12" by 2.5". Then you are going to cut another piece by folding over a piece of fabric and make sure that the fold is 12" and the top is 9" then 3" down and then line up the end of the 3" and the end of the 12" and cut your slant. Then you will cut a 5" piece of elastic.

Step 1: Main Piece

Now turn over your triangle shaped piece and fold over each side 2 times and sew. And do not pin or sew the 3" on the sides

Step 2: Scrunchie Part

Now take your little piece of fabric and fold it so that the wrong side of the fabric is present and sew it. Then turn that piece inside out so you can see the right side of the fabric. Now take your elastic and pin it to one side of the fabric and insert the elastic into the fabric and pin to the other side so that the elastic is inside of the fabric making it look more like a scrunchie

Step 3: Attaching the Pieces

Pace your piece so that it is right side up. Now with your scrunchie part you need to place it in the middle of one side of the 3" then fold over the two sides of the 3" side so it is covering the scrunchie part and pin. Then do it to the other side and just sew the tiny part on the very end of it (where you pin it, then sew down)

Step 4: Done!

Now you are done and can enjoy your cool hair bandana.

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