Sewing on a Button From One Side



Introduction: Sewing on a Button From One Side

I lost a button on the inside of the waistband of a pair of pants. I couldn't use the normal method of sewing on a replacement, because I didn't want anything showing on the other side.

Step 1:

Here's what I used. Besides the usual needle, thread, and scissors, I needed a long-nose pair of locking pliers and a bit of gaffer tape.

Step 2:

Use two layers of the tape to cover one side of the button. This provides a bit of padding for the next step. You could use a different kind of tape, but the gaffer tape is nice because it comes off cleanly without leaving a residue. If you want to use a toothpick to provide some space, put it under the tape so it's held in place.

Step 3:

Pinch the layer you want to sew the button to, pull it away from everything else, and place a pin to keep it folded (also to mark where the button goes). Pull out the old threads.

Step 4:

This is the key step. Align the center of the button with the fold, and use the locking pliers to hold it there. (Here, I should have pulled the button out a bit.)

Step 5:

Thread the needle so you have 12 inches or so, doubled. Tie a knot. Run the needle down through one hole, back out the other, then between the two threads emerging from the knot. Pull tight.

Step 6:

Now push the needle through the fold into one of the hidden button holes and up through an uncovered one.

Step 7:

Repeat several times.

Step 8:

Remove the pliers and finish as usual by taking several turns around the connecting threads, then pushing the needle through.

Step 9:

The button is secure. Note the fabric is puckered because I let the folded fabric overlap a little too much of the button.

Step 10:

Finally, pull off the tape. Add a drop of anti-fray fluid or fingernail polish on the threads to add a bit of protection.

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