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Introduction: Sewn Mouth FX Makeup Tutorial

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Most of what I see when I choose to Google "sewn mouth tutorial" are people gluing bits of thread to their lips. I decided I'd try something different. Although, I do prefer this application with a full-face look, rather than by itself.

Anyway, what you will need:

- Liquid Latex (I mixed a bit of white face paint in mine)
- Toilet paper, tissues, or paper towels
- Makeup, acrylic paint, face paint
- paint brushes
- Q-tips
- Black thread and a needle

Step 1: Building Your Layers

Alright, for this part, we are going to be covering our mouths with toilet paper and latex. Completely.

As always, you should have a plan of what you want your final product to look like. So, with that image in mind, begin tearing/cutting pieces of toilet paper into manageable shapes. You want these pieces to be big enough to cover your actual mouth, so that when you apply the latex to the edges the first few times, you won't get any in/on your mouth. 

Usually when I do my sewn mouth, I like to exaggerate the edges. So while I'm building my layers of tissue and latex around my mouth, I'm doing the same to the edges, and also bringing them farther out.

Anyway, you need to continue building up the tissue and latex until it is thick enough to cut and sew (as will be explain in the next step). But as far as your mouth goes, it does need some latex on it.So just build up a layer of plain tissue over your mouth until the latex won't soak through. Simple as that.

Step 2: Cutting and Sewing


You need to let the latex dry COMPLETELY before cutting. Otherwise you will have a goopy mess.

Be careful when doing this, and I recommend taking your needle and poking a hole through the middle first. Then take your scissors and cut the opening for your mouth.


Sew the opening you just made together!

When sewing, try to apply as little pressure as possible to the latex, as the moisture from your breath can loosen it up a little. In the event some of it does peel off, though, just add a little more latex and let it dry.

Sew in any pattern you'd like! I prefer loose, sloppy stitches, and I usually leave a bit of thread hanging at the end.

Step 3: Makeup

This is always the fun part.

Here's what I usually use:
- Light/Dark Red Face Paint
- Black Paint Paint
- Red Acrylic Paint
- Foundation
- Fake Blood

And every once in a while, I will use gray or yellow paint, or black fake blood.

This part is completely up to you. It is your image, you create it! It's important to develop your own techniques and style.

Just remember: Practice makes perfect!

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    Wow! Great work. And what a fun, uncommon talent you have! Will have to try my hand at this sometime.


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    Awesome, I'm going to have to try this. Put it in the favorites.

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    Very cool for Halloween


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    This is pretty cool.


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