Sexy Cinnamon Soap (Rebatch)

Introduction: Sexy Cinnamon Soap (Rebatch)

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"Sexy Cinnamon Soap," this process uses the rebatch method; involving a soap base I made. You can learn how to make the "Soap Base" by watching my other tutorial "Simple Shortening Soap."

Oven Save Pan
Wooden Spoon

Processed "Soap Base"
1 tsp Cinnamon Oil
2 tsp Cinnamon Powerder

Measure out 1.5 pounds of "Soap Base" made previously. Pour the "Soap Base" into the pan. Add 1/2 cup milk per pound of soap... so in this case we will add one 3/4 cup of milk. Mix the milk in with the wooden spoon, until both milk and "Soap Base" are nicely incorporated.

Set oven to 200 degrees and heat the "Soap Base" for 20 Minutes. Once 20 minutes has elapsed, stir thoroughly. Place mixture back into oven for another 20 minutes... and again stir like you love it.

Bake the beloved stuff-age for another 20 minutes... and whisk, whisk whisk. Make sure you scrape the sides of the pan as you mix to reintegrate any soap that has slightly hardened. You want all the soap particles to dissolve until there's nothing left but a groovy, smooth, silky, slop.

Once you have a silky, beautiful slop, add the Cinnnamon Powder and Oil.

Mix like you want your life to be better and full of beautiful people who will tell you that you're intelligent... and dashing.
Then transfer the substance into your mold(s). Allow the soap to cool for at least one hour before cutting. Cure all rebatched bars for 18-30 days. They retain more moisture than the original soap.

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    I'm not sure if it's an error but the recipe I'm seeing listed here under Sexy Cinnamon Soap is your Orange Zest Soap


    Thanks for the soap making instructables. I have a question about this one. Is it possible to just add the cinnamon powder and cinnamon oil to the your original Simple Crisco Soap recipe or does reheating the soap over and over in the oven like this actually make some beneficial change in the soap?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You can add the powder and oil directly to the original 'Crisco' batch. However, you will have to add a bit more of both to get the same color and scent. Lye effectively makes soap, but it also effectively destroy some color and scent. Additionally if you add a teaspoon or two of Castor Oil to your original batch you will get more "suds" along with the "Crisco's" natural creamy lather. You can also add a tablespoon of honey which assists in foaming.