Introduction: Neutral Smokey Eye

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Neutral smokey eyes are a thing of beauty. They can be worn during the day or the night, and they are very sultry. They're also very easy to do!

Step 1: Things You'll Need:

-assorted warm brown eyeshadows
-primer/base (optional)
-black kohl/pencil eyeliner
-lighter highlighting eyeshadow color
-black eyeshadow
-fluffy blending brush

Step 2: Starting Out

Start this look with your eyebrows done and concealer on your eyelid and undereye area. If you're choosing to use a primer or a base, DO NOT set your concealer. If you're jumping straight to the shadows, go ahead and set your concealer.

I will be using a base, so I have not set mine.

Step 3: Prepping and Priming (optional)

You can choose to use a primer or a creamy eyeshadow base to bring out the intensity of the colors and to have your eyeshadow last longer.

Place a few dots of primer/base on your eyelid and blend it out.

Here, I'm using a creamy white shadow stick.

Step 4: First Color

"Smokey" is a term to describe an eyeshadow look that begins with a dark color on the lid that gradiates out, like smoke. I'm using a deep brown shade (that's actually from my contour palette) for my lid.

I recommend using your finger, because you can pack on more color that way. Place the color all over your lid, and go a tiny bit up into your crease.

Also, don't be afraid if it's a little messy! Smokey eyes are supposed to look messy. Plus, we'll be blending it out later.

Step 5: Blend!

Take a fluffy blending brush and blend the color up in to your crease.

Step 6: Second Color

Find another warm brown shade a little bit lighter than your lid color. Then, use the same fluffy brush to blend it in to your crease. Make sure there are NO harsh lines.

Step 7: Bring It Down

Take the same color you used on your lid, and sweep it under your eye using the same fluffy brush.

Step 8: Add a Little Depth

To make your eyes appear more 3 dimensional, take a darker brown or black eyeshadow and apply it to the outer third of your eyelid. I'm using a flat synthetic brush for this.

Once the color is on your eyelid, use c-shaped sweeping motions to blend it out and slightly up into your crease.

Step 9: Highlight

Pop a light eyeshadow into your browbone and tear duct to brighten your eyes a little.

Step 10: Lashes

Pair this look with LOTS of black mascara. Your want your lashes to blend in nicely with the rest of your makeup.

Step 11: Line Up

Line the inner rims of your eyes with a bit of black liner. This will make the look more sultry.

Step 12: Finished!

Flaunt your new look and prepare to have all eyes on you.

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