Introduction: Sezme: a Memory Game for the Arduino

I have just started using the Arduino and I thought I would try my hand at a little project of my own.

Sezme is a game for the Arduino Uno that tests your memory. It is easy to build as I have only used LEDs, resistors, switches and a Piezo. In the game, the Arduino generates a series of random LED flashes. The player must then press the buttons and repeat the sequence of flashes in the correct order. If the player guesses incorrectly a buzzer sounds, the correct sequence is shown and the game starts again. If the player guesses correctly, a series of tones are played and the difficulty level goes up. There are 10 levels of difficulty. I can manage level 7. How far can you get?


  • Arduino Uno
  • 5mm LED: Red
  • 5mm LED: Blue
  • 5mm LED: Green
  • 5mm LED: Yellow
  • Resistor 220 Ohm * 4
  • Resistor 10K Ohm * 4
  • Tactile button * 4
  • Piezo buzzer

Step 1: Build the Hardware

Use the Fritzing diagram above to wire up the circuit.

Step 2: Upload the Sketch to the Arduino

The source code for the sketch is available for download from my GitHub repository.