Shabby Chic Draws

Introduction: Shabby Chic Draws

Wife wanted to add a little Chic to the house so here is my first attempt. Be warned this was extremely simple and now I have several other jobs to attempt.

I first of all watched a few videos on YouTube and picked up the basics of what to do.

The first things I found is the quality of the furniture in the first place is very important. Solid wooden furniture will generally turn out great.

Second thing is this is pretty easy to do, and the final product looks fantastic


Electric sander
Various grade sand paper
Matt Paint (A light cream seems to work better than white)
Paint roller
Bee's Wax
Lint free rag
Plastic Bag

A few spare hours

Step 1: Strip

Take out all the draws and remove the handles. Don't worry if you cause a bit of damage as this will add to the overall used effect.

Step 2: Sand

Using rough sand paper on the electric sander take off all the current covering (stain, paint etc) down to the bear wood. Again no need to go gentle on the corners or and other are. After the initial sanding go over again this time with a finer grade sandpaper to smooth out the surface.

Step 3: Paint

Using the roller give the whole furniture 3 fairly thin coatings of paint. Don't worry about runs or drips we can sand then off later. Only thing at this point is to ensure all coats are fully dry before applying the next.

Step 4: Shabby Chic

This next bit always puts a smile on my face. After allowing the 3 coats of paint to dry fully we now use the electric sander to make them look like they need a good paint. Sand down to the wood in areas that would naturally gain the most ware (corners, flat edges etc). You need to make it look old and worn.

Step 5: Finishing

Give each part a good coat of bees wax. Use a quality brush to give it a good coat then buff with a lint free cloth.

Add the new handles and put it all back together.

This is honestly an easy thing to do

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Unusual piece of furniture, & a great project to highlight its best points. Thanks! A question that you've likely answered often: What if you starting w/ pre-fab wood, or a combo or real/pre-fab? If it's the last thing to try before junking a possible project, is it worth it or no?

    Note: In cleaning out my home office, I have lots of the inexpensive pieces that I brought w/ my from PA to WV over 6 yrs ago. Now replacing the main items w/ steel/glass. Try resuscitating the cheap stuff, donate it, or just toss it out?

    Would appreciate your advice.



    Reply 7 years ago

    I'm not sure about pre fan wood. If you mean ply wood and chip board I think it would disintegrate or show the layers when you did the final sanding? not sure though


    7 years ago

    looks great! it's a very nice piece of furniture.
    if I may give you some advice, next time paint it with a brush. painting wood with a roller always gives that orange peel effect, you don't get that with a brush and in addition makes it look even more authentic.