Introduction: Shabby Chic Vase Tutorial

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Hi Everyone! I really hope you like this little tutorial on how to make this Shabby Chic style flower vase. I’m so very happy with it and hope you like it too!

Step 1: Materials

-Tin Can

-Flower Bouquet

-Ribbon with Lace - q=burlap+ribbon&start=11

-Tacky Glue - q=burlap+ribbon&start=11


**I didn't use twine for this project, but you can use it instead of the ribbon with lace :)


QUICK TIP: Remember to check Michaels Website and/or App for coupons!! I would not be able to make these little diy’s without them :)

Step 2: Measuring

I'm sure it comes without saying, but make sure to wash and remove the label from the tin can before using it for this step! All you have to do is wrap the ribbon around the can to measure it.

Step 3: Cutting

I made sure to leave a little extra ribbon (overlapped it) just in case I would mess up! I can't even tell you how many times I've over-cut something and end up coming up short lol. Of course, if you have better cutting abilities than me, you don't have to do this :)

Step 4: Glue It

I used this All purpose Tacky Glue because it was the first thing I found in my supply bin. This is actually quite strong and worked nicely, but if you'd like to use something stronger (hot glue gun, e6000, etc) feel free to do so!

First glue one end of the ribbon to the can and then glue the other end to the top of that. Make sure to keep the ribbon as straight as possible as you roll it around the tin can.

Step 5: Dry

Simply let it dry! This glue did not take long to dry, but of course drying time will vary with other glues :)

Step 6: Jazz It Up

While I LOVE real flowers, I'm not so good at keeping them alive. For this reason, I decided to use this flower bouquet (plastic/artificial/fakeness!). I really loved how it turned out!