Shadow's Knex Launcher

Introduction: Shadow's Knex Launcher

Well hear it is my next instructible my Knex launcher!

Its basiclly a small catapult mounted on a gun frame which can launcher around 17 differnt peices of knex ranging from the smallest blue spacer to the biggest knex gear!. It can fire anywhere up to 55ft and maybe more with a maximum load capicty ranging between 1-5.

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Step 1: Gather the Peices


Light grey-5
tan coloured-7
Y Shaped-2

Blue spacers-6

Step 2: Stock

Just follow the steps and pics and you should be able to build the gun with ease!
Pic no.
1.Constuct as shown and add blue rods where shown
2.On th end of these blue rods add 3 light-grey con' and 3 yellow and white connectors which are joined together with 3 green rods
3.Constuct the other side
4.Add the other side on to it

Step 3: Adding Handle

Just as the title explains
1. constuct handle as shown
2. Added the new part onto the stock where shown

Step 4: Main Part

This is the main part of the gun and where the mechinism is found but it shouldnt be to hard.
1. First constuct the frame of this part with the blue rods added where shown
2. Constuct trigger
3. Add several peices on to the blue rods which include 6 spacers,5 green rods,3 green con' and 2 yellow con'which the trigger goes in between.
4 and 5. constuct the part where the knex will launch from which includes tape on the blue rod
6. add new part on to gun where shown
7. constuct oppisite side
8. add the new part on to the blue rods where shown(+1 tan con)

Step 5: Front Half of Gun

this is to hold the rubberbands and also to give the gun strength.

1. first construct this part (P1)
2. then construct these parts (P2,P4)
3. then contruct this part (P3)
4. And finally this part (P5)
5. Add P2 onto P1
6. Add P3 on top on that
7. Add P4 on top of that
8. Then P5 onto that
9. Finaly to sdd strength add a blue rod and 2 tan connectors on the end and 1 White rod

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Nearly finshed now! :D
1 and 2. Get the Front half of the gun and connect it to the middle part (Before and After)
3 and 4. Get the middle part of the gun and attach it to the Stock (Before and After)

Step 7: Adding Rubber Bands

Last bit..
1 and 2. attach a RB on to the trigger and the other end on to the front half of the gun.
3,4 and 5. I use 8 RB so ill will show you to add them correctly.
On the 3rd pic you must add around 60%(5) of the RBs onto the white con'. Also on the 4th Pic you must add around 30%(3)Rubberbands on to the white rod coming from the White con'.Add the oppisite ends of these RB on to the part in Pic 5 On the very front of the gun.

Step 8: Loading and Firing

To shoot the gun first you pull back the blue rod until it is in the position that is shown in the pic ( until it wont go any farther ,then slide a connector on to the blue rod then press the trigger to shoot.

Enjoy ;)

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    EXCELLENT!!! it took me a while to learn how to shoot it but it goes really far. Nice job!!!

    killer k
    killer k

    14 years ago on Step 4

    gawd learn how to take picks!


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    you shouldn't be talking.