Introduction: Shake-It Flashlight

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Did you ever look at those 100$ shake it flashlights and feel envious?Well here's an easy way to make it!!!

Step 1: Parts

The required parts are-
1.Cardboard tube
2.5 diodes
3. Magnet wire
4. Foam 
5. LED
7. Wire 
8. Convex lens
9. Hot glue
 If a joule thief is wanted then-
10. 2N3904 Transistor or equivalent
11. 1k Resistor (Brown-Black-Red)
12. Toroid Bead

Step 2: Coil

On the plastic tubing attach a piece of foam,and then start coiling the magnet wire.
Remember to coil in only one direction,after coiling a length of 3-4 cm bring the wire back to he start and continue coiling.
Do not coil backwards.Coil to a length of 1 cm.
Sandpaper the end wire as it is coated with an insulating layer.
Depending on your choice make 2-3 coils.
Attach foam on both sides of the magnet.
Place the magnet in the coil tube and seal the tube so that the magnet does not come out.

Step 3: Rectifier

To make the rectifier follow the schematic. Attach the capacitor as shown.Preferably solder the diodes to make the connection.
Your generator produces AC current the rectifier makes it slightly DC

Step 4: Connections

Attach the output wires to a LED and a switch.Attach the input wires to the generator.

If a joule thief is wanted- 
Make one from -
Then attach it to the LED

Step 5: Flashlight Housing

Place the connections in the cardboard tube.For good placement use the foam.
Then seal off one end of the cardboard tube.
Cut a hole in the cardboard tube and place the switch through it.
Make the LED stay in position by placing it in foam.
Place the lens at the end and hot glue it into place.

Step 6: Enjoy

If you run out of power just shake it and use.
I would advise all viewers to attach a joule thief it increases the light.

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