Introduction: Shake: a New Knex Ball Machine


this is a new ball machine that features an odd lift system and two paths. It can hold two or even three balls but My advice is to use only one ball because the lift works best with one ball. The big gray motor can be substituted for another motor but you might have to gear it down a little more. If you do use the big black motor: If your battery is full, the faster speed might also work.

In the first few steps I'll help you to build the frame and the lift, after that the switcher and then both paths, at the end you could add decoration which is optional.

for beginners (and experts and anything between those too): look really carefully at the pictures and read all my notes, if you don't follow the instructions extra carefully the entire ball machine might fail to work.

PS: if you notice my english is bad, I'm from holland.

Parts list
green rods: 129
white rods: 264
blue rods:105
yellow rods: 220
red rods: 50
gray rods: 18
flexi rods: 18

dark grey connectors:87
light grey connectors: 5
orange connectors: 60
red connectors: 32
green connectors: 27
yellow connectors: 97
white connectors: 62
purple connectors: 167
blue connectors: 87
Y connectors: 9
tan connectors: 7
blue caps: 1 (tan connectors can be used too)

gray spacers: 16
blue spacers: 11
motor: 1
big sized yellow gears: 1
little sized blue gears: 1
balls: at least 1
and maybe some extra gears if you have a weak motor.

Step 1: The Frame: the First Stage

read this:

Most red rods of the frame are optional (recommended though), I'll put a note on those red rods that aren't optional to use.

Step 2: The Frame: the Second Stage

the pictures all show different kind of angles

Step 3: The Frame: the Third Stage

simply make this, other motors can be used but you gotta find that out yourself

Step 4: Putting the Frame Together

in this step is shown how to put the frame together.

Step 5: The Lift Wheel

This is where you make the lift wheel: the wheel that transports the ball up

Step 6: Attach the Lift Wheel

do as the title says

Step 7: Lift Slope

make the lift slope, if this looks to complicated please tell me.

Step 8: The Frame: the Fourth Stage

make this.

Step 9: Attach the Fourth Stage

here you see how to attach the fourth stage, the picture isn't entirely right because you should have the wheel attached already and the picture has not.

Step 10: Attach the Lift Slope

it will be an itchy job but it has to be done.

Step 11: Pick Up Slope

this step shows how to make the slope that catches the ball when it leaves the lift wheel.

Step 12: The Switcher and Support

this step shows the part that ensures the ball gets on both two tracks.

Step 13: Attaching the Switcher, the Support and the Pick Up Slope

the title says it all.

Step 14: A Part That I Cannot Name

make this part, it's not overly important but just make it.

1: make it.
2: attach it like this.

Step 15: The First Path, Step One

this is step one of making the first path.

Step 16: The First Path Step2, the Ferris Wheel

here you�ll make the ferris wheel that can hold the ball.

Step 17: The First Path Step Three

this is step three of the first path.

Step 18: Attaching the First Path

in the pictures you see how to attach the first path.

Step 19: Constructing the Second Path: Step 1

make this

Step 20: The Second Path Step 2

make this,

Step 21: The Second Path: Step 3

make this, take a good look at the pictures this might be complicated.

Step 22: The Second Path Step 4

this is the fourth step of the second path, just make it

Step 23: The Assembly

in this step everything is put together

Step 24: Decoration (optional)

this step shows how to make decoration, it's optional but recommended, it looks really nice.

1:first collect these flexi rods.
2: the are connected like this.
3: I especially advice to make this part, it is really an addition to your ball machine.
4: view from above.
5: attach like this.


Step 25: Finishing It

my experience with ball machines is that they never work at once, you might still have to test your own version of Shake but here are some tips if things are not working:

if the lift is not working:
1 look at the way connectors are shifted or turned in the wheel, on the lift slope and on the pick up slope.
2 if your motor can't take it gear it down a little more or use another motor, except I can't help you with that.
3 use only one ball, it works best.

if the pathing isn't working:
1ad a yellow connector and two grey connectors as shown on the picture
2 look very good at the pictures to see where a grey connector is added on the white rod.

if the ferris wheel isn't working:
1 look carefully at the way the connectors are in place in step 15.
2 you could always ad extra guard rails or support, if you want help with that just PM me or ask for help on the forum.