Introduction: Shampoo Bottle Stand

In order to minimize wastage, do you turn those shampoo bottles upside down when they are almost finished, so that the liquid/gel will flow towards to cap, making it easier to use every last drop?

This is a super fast and cheap hack to make a stand for turning those bottles on their heads :-)

Step 1: What You Need

You need a sample of the bottle size you want to work with, some aluminium wire (from florists or crafts stores) - the one i have is 2mm diameter,

Step 2: Starting Winding!

Start by winding the aluminium wire around the body a couple of times.

Step 3: Winding Turns Around the Cap

Next, move your coil to the part of the bottle where it starts to curve, and now continue winding the wire around the cap (about 5 times is fine). Cut the wire after you make those 5 or 6 turns around the cap and press it flat against the cap.

Step 4: Adjust, Voila!

Remove the wire from the bottle, adjust it the following two ways:

1. Place it flat on a table, large rings down, and look at the stand from the top. The smaller rings should be in the centre.
2. Loosen the smaller rings by gentle turning it back (the opposite direction of when you wound it), so that it is loose enough to clear any protrusions from the cap, and lengthening it to be as long as the cap is.

You are done!

- And remember to recycle the bottle when you are done!

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