Introduction: Shamwow Ipod Case With Binder Clip Fastener

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The Shamwow ipod sock - use it on the car, the boat, the RV, the stolen improbability drive spaceship, doesn't drip, doesn't make a mess, use half to dry your dishes and the other half to plug your ears if you're tired of hearing the Shamwow sales pitch!

This is a technique that will work with any electronic device and any smallsh thin cloth (you'll be rolling it up to create padding, so it doesn't need to be too thick), but I had a shamwow and an ipod that needed socking, hence the Shamwow ipod sock.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

you will need...
1) a small shamwow or similarly sized thin towel (unless you're using this tactic to wrap a larger piece of electronics, in which case I recommend a bigger towel)

2) five small binder clips (or bigger ones, if you're wrapping something bigger than pocket-sized electronics)

3) the thing you're wrapping

Step 2: Get Rolling!

pick which side of your towel is going to be the interior, and position your ipod as shown. Then roll the ipod in the towel.

after three flops of the ipod, you'll have your ipod in the end of a long tube of shamwow, like in the second picture.

Step 3: Clip It Good! (with Apologies to Devo)

For this step, we're applying binder clips to give the case some shape and staying power.

Put one binder clip on either edge of the tube, about a finger's width away from the ipod, then fold the legs in.

Step 4: Clip It More! You're Done!

Now to add the clips that allow the case to hold itself closed. First, affix two binder clips to the topmost layer of shamwow, just to the edge. one should almost line up with the bottom clip from the previous step, it doesn't have to be exact, and may not line up depending on what gadget you're wrapping.

Now affix another one so it clips over the entirety of the far end of the sock, so the leg of the binder clip points to a spot just underneath the Shamwow logo. This arrangement of clips allows you to interlock the legs/handles of the clips and close the case at two different points - one a more snug fit for just the ipod, the other a looser fit so you can attach an FM transmitter or other accessory to the ipod and close the case over it.

With this ipod case, you'll be the hoopiest frood on your block - you'll protect your gadgets and know where your towel is at all times, and have some extra binder clips handy for emergencies.